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When you trade, you decide whether the price of an asset will go up or down and get a profit if your forecast is correct.

To open a trade, follow these steps:
1.Select an asset
2.Set the amount you’re going to invest.
3.Select an expiration time for a trade.
4.Analyze the price movement on the chart and make your forecast. Click on the green button if you think the price of an asset will go up, or the red button if you think it will go down.
5.Wait for the trade to close to find out whether your forecast was correct.

Traders have various reasons for choosing a trade platform and here are some things that may become most important for you:

Easy start : the minimum trade amount starts at low price.

Free tutorial : use ready-made strategies, watch video tutorials.

Customer support : our specialists help you with many languages and are ready to help in resolving any issue.

Fast withdrawal : withdraw your funds with zero commission in the most convenient way.

The main goal of trading is to correctly forecast the movement of an asset to get a profit.Use the practice account to explore the platform. A practice account allows you to try out new assets, strategies, and indicators without financial risks. It’s always a good idea to come into trading prepared.

Open your first trades with small amounts. It will help you test the market and gain confidence.

Use familiar assets. This way, it will be easier for you to predict the changes. For example, you can start with the most popular asset on the platform – BTC,ETH.

You can begin trading on a practice account immediately after the registration using virtual money. When you feel ready to earn real money on a real account and start trading. Press "Deposit" and choose the most convenient way of depositing. When you're done with depositing, you can start earning real money.

A free and reloadable practice account with virtual funds to gain trading experiences under a risk-free environment, which has the same function and profitability as the real one. It’s available for users 24/7. Users use it anytime to learn and gain experience. Be sure to use a practice account to see the true worth of our trading platform without making a deposit. When using it, you make trades in exactly the same way as those who do it in a live account.

It is a trading platform’s “price scale” for a certain period. If you select a 15-minute time frame on a line chart, you will see the part of the price chart showing the price movement for the last 15 minutes. If you select a 5-minute time frame it will be showing the price dynamics for this period.

You can choose the following time frames on the platform: 5, 15, and 30 minutes, 1 hours.

A deposit is real money which is added to your trading account balance once you have successfully completed a transaction on our deposit page.

Go to the deposit page and select a payment method.You can make a deposit using your card, wallet, UPI and online banking. Enter the amount of your deposit.

The money will become available on your trading account immediately after deposit complete.

If you deposit money using our application, rest assured that it will be safe. All payments are completely secure. We work with our partner payment providers to provide a broad choice of payment methods. In case of any disputes, we will always be at your side and contact our customer support for your problem.

OTP means one time password: it's a temporary, secure code sent to you via SMS.

An OTP code is the code that a bank or payment method sends you to verify your transaction. Depending on the bank, the OTP can be sent to a phone number.

It means that your payment is being processed. Once the funds are transferred to our payment partner account, it will be credited to your trading account. The funds are usually credited to trading accounts fast, but sometimes it can take from 1 to 3 business days (depending on your payment provider). If the money has not been credited to your account right after you make a deposit, please wait for sometime. If still money does not add, please contact the support team and check again. In case of any questions or doubts, please contact our support.

Make sure the transaction from your side has been completed. If the fund's transfer was successful from your side, but the amount was not credited yet to your account, please contact our support team by chat.

Sometimes there are some issues with the payment systems. In situations like this, funds are either returned to the payment method or credited to the account with a delay.

Please click the “Withdraw” button.

Fill in important details like KYC, bank account number,IFSC code and bank name.

Enter the amount then click on “Submit” Button.

All our users who want to withdraw money should pass a KYC verification. This step ensures that all necessary data is provided are correct. Also, such measures help to keep your money safe and prevent fraud.

When you top up, we process the request and credit the funds to your account straight off. Your withdrawal request is processed by the platform and your bank or payment system. It takes more time to complete the request. Besides, each payment system has its own withdrawal processing period.

On average, funds are credited to a bank card within 2 business days. However, it may take some banks up to 5 days to transfer the funds.

We were unable to transfer funds to the provided bank requisites, or we did not receive correct details. Please check your bank details and fill correct details. Contact our support team if you have any problem.